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At Innovation Skåne, we collaborate with partners from the public and private sectors and academia to lead and participate in various innovation projects. Our current projects are listed below, and further down, you can find information about some of our completed projects.

Hjälper skånska SMEer att skapa affärsvärde med hjälp av AI.
Kickstart AI
Increasing the Development and Use of AI in Skåne.

AI in Skåne
A new scalable method for more active school journeys.
System innovation for active school journeys
We work to facilitate the adoption of AI and data-driven diagnostic tools in healthcare.
CAIDX  – Clinical Artificial Intelligence based Diagnostics
Joint effort for climate neutrality.
CoAction Lund
Cross-Border Model for promoting Green Mobility.
Green Mobility Shift
Accelererating applied AI in Skåne and Sweden.
South Node – AI Sweden
Develops innovative and scalable solutions for the connected green society, focusing on the public sector and its needs.
InnoTech – TaskForce
Empowering regional progress through demand driven innovation.
A network of professional and efficient public health care test sites.
Nordic Proof
DIGIT-PRE to strengthen prevention, improve prediction and facilitate access to remote care.
ACE – Accelerating the Home Care Innovation Ecosystem of the Future in the North Sea Region
Mobilising novel finance models for health promotion and disease prevention
Medtech that serves humanity
Mobilising novel finance models for health promotion and disease prevention
Make Skåne Move will contribute to a society where more children and young people find the joy of movement.
Make Skåne Move
Shorten the time for implementation of innovative solutions in healthcare
Unique project electrifies the road network on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration.
Testing electric roads for the future
The largest network of healthtech companies in the Nordics, companies with innovative world-class digital healthcare solutions.
HealthTech Nordic – supports new solutions
A network that increases innovative power in the food system and accelerates growth in small and medium-sized enterprises.
Foodtech Innovation Network
Developing digital accessibility for children and young people with mental health issues and their relatives.
Better digital accessibility at BUP Skåne
Supports development of better solutions for people with multimorbidity for better cohesive care and increased quality of life.
CareMatrix – procurement & development
A growing community of European Healthcare organisations interested in procurement of innovation
Procure 4Health
EIT Health is a European network aiming at creating better health, better healthcare systems and a sustainable health economy.
Coordinates EIT Health in Skåne
Finished projects
Addresses challenges in the osteoporosis care chain
Implements intelligent lighting for increased energy efficiency, improved work environment and health.
Adapted and sustainable lighting
Utilizing new technical solutions to support sustainable mobility in and across Greater Copenhagen.
Intelligent mobility of the future
Strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem around sustainable materials in southern Sweden.
Materials of the future
Unique test in Skåne of a service that makes it easier to combine different sustainable transport services.
Combined mobility in Skåne
A national initiative aiming at ending childhood obesity at the start of the school year 2030.
Preventing childhood obesity
Paves the way for citizens in urban and rural areas to choose green transport in everyday life.
Mobility across borders
Develops a new digital solution together with patients and healthcare staff for better and more economically sustainable care.
Chronic renal failure – strengthened self-care ability
Contributes to better healthcare services and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises’ new digital health services.
Digi Health Skåne-Blekinge
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