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InnoTech – TaskForce

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About the project

The InnoTech – TaskForce project aims to bridge the gap between municipal needs and the technical expertise and solutions that are, or will be, on the market in the foreseeable future. The goal is to facilitate the scaling and adaptation of various digital solutions to reach a wider audience.

The green transition requires a digitized Öresund region. The possibilities for digitization are vast, with a consistently growing need for innovative digital solutions. However, the absence of established standards for such solutions hampers efficient scaling and smart digitization.

Municipalities and regions currently struggle to utilize technologies that can support their work on green transition due to a lack of resources and expertise. To address this issue, a collaborative platform is needed where various stakeholders can work together in broad constellations. As a result, a cross-regional platform concept is being developed across the national borders of Sweden and Denmark – a so-called taskforce – which will provide support and resolve specific technical issues in accordance with national and European frameworks and goals. InnoTech – TaskForce establishes and operationalizes the taskforce, enabling it to add value to multiple municipalities and regions, as well as research, academia, and businesses – regardless whether they are in Denmark or Sweden.


By collaborating across the national borders between Denmark and Sweden, companies can offer their products and services to a broader customer base while simultaneously increasing their competitiveness. Furthermore, the collaboration fosters research synergies and sustainable development in the region. Developing joint solutions also reduces the number of different solutions in the region, saving the municipalities redundant work. This also results in companies being able to adapt their products to multiple markets at the same time, making it easier for municipalities to replicate good examples. In this way, municipalities and regions in both Denmark and Sweden gain access to better processes and a greater variety of sustainable solutions, which in turn promotes sustainable development throughout the region. 


The taskforce will work with appropriate tools and methods to create robust and scalable solutions within five different thematic areas identified through dialogue with municipalities, regions, research/academia, and businesses. Particular emphasis is placed on methods and processes suited for technology-intensive data projects, which can enrich individual solutions and encourage data sharing. Each thematic area consists of concrete cases addressing various issues that partners develop and test together. All cases have a sustainability focus.

The cases are based on the real challenges and needs of municipalities and regions, and are essential for testing the methods and processes developed by the taskforce. This means that the taskforce receives feedback on its methodology and can improve it based on the results from the cases. At the same time, municipalities and regions also benefit from the technical and green solutions developed in these cases.


Smart Buildings 
Cases within this area aim to increase sustainability in public buildings through various optimization methods. For example, this can involve collecting extensive data on the building’s usage, enabling the development of a digital twin. With a digital twin, the building and its energy consumption can be optimized through different simulations.

Due to climate change, factors such as rainfall amounts are increasing, requiring efficient management to prevent flooding and damage and to enable rainwater reuse in areas such as irrigation. This theme focuses on using sensors, qualitative data, and hydraulic models to explore suitable solutions to address these challenges.

Urban Development in 3D
Municipalities will develop a 3D city model that can be used as a visual baseline for decision-making in urban development projects. The model should highlight the consequences of planned projects and can be used as an assessment tool both internally within the municipality and in dialogue with citizens.

The City’s Condition
Measuring city status involves process optimization, for example, through intelligent road maintenance using technology and digital solutions. Through digitization, the climate and environmental footprint – resulting from city maintenance – can be reduced, and data from cases can be used to develop tools for a better-functioning city.

Urban and Rural Mobility
For well-functioning and efficient mobility in urban and rural areas, it is essential to evaluate and plan with relevant data. The theme aims to strengthen settlement, urban life, and mobility – both in the city and rural areas – through data-driven urban and rural planning.


Name: InnoTech – TaskForce

Objective: The project aims to promote sustainable cities and local communities through smart digitization, increase competitiveness for businesses, and foster research synergies and sustainable development in the Öresund region.

Project period: January 2023 – December 2025

Project partners: Gate 21, Halmstad University, Ängelholm Municipality, RISE, Tomelilla Municipality, AKiLAY, DTU Compute, Frederiksberg Municipality, Guldborgsund Municipality, Høje-Taastrup Municipality, Region Zealand, Roskilde University, We Build Denmark, Zealand Academy, Aarhus Municipality, DTU Construct, DTU Engineering Technology, and Gov Tech Midtjylland

Funder: Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (ÖKS)


Fredrik Malmberg

Innovation Manager
+46 735 877 031

Join the community

Municipalities and regions are in need of solutions for a future of open data, sensor data, digital twins, and smart city initiatives. In InnoTech–TaskForce’s cross-border community, you have the opportunity for direct contact with potential customers. We are now looking for more start-ups, from both sides of the Öresund bridge, who want to become members. Welcome to join a growing movement at the forefront of digital solutions and the opportunities they create!

A membership in InnoTech–TaskForce’s community is free of charge and aims to create a platform of collaboration for companies to be matched with the various use cases that the project will work on in the coming years.

Among us and our partners – municipalities, regions, and universities – there is a desire for getting to know interesting and innovative companies. We want to learn about what solutions are available on the market today and what is possible to implement in the near future. At the same time, the project partners can support your company’s progress by facilitating new connections and providing an understanding of current and future needs.


  • New leads
    Collaborate in five thematic areas together with the municipalities and regions in Öresund
  • Increased visibility 
    Get a dedicated place in our social channels and become part of the newsfeed during the project.
  • Expertise
    Take advantage of local, national and EU policy-level expertise and expand your business intelligence.
  • Network and ecosystem
    Meet other like-minded members at community meetings and become part of something bigger.
  • Skill enhancement
    Various seminars give you valuable insights into data-related challenges.
  • New contacts
    Get to know key actors who can help your company forward.


Harry Håkansson

Innovation Manager, Business Advisory
+46 733 598 357



Get to know the member companies in our community. They offer a variety of digital solutions designed to create a sustainable future. Browse our members’ solutions and let us know if you don’t find a solution that meets your needs.

Coride Sweden
Vaquita Technologies


Harry Håkansson

Innovation Manager, Business Advisory
+46 733 598 357