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CoAction Lund

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CoAction Lund is a project that brings together a large number of stakeholders in order to create a large-scale transformation process for Lund to become climate-neutral by 2030. The Lund municipality is leading the project, and the hope is to become an inspiration for other cities looking to transition.

Passenger transportation accounts for a majority of emissions in Lund, and in order to achieve climate neutrality, they need to decrease. At the same time, we need to develop a robust energy system that meets the needs of the future. Now we are addressing these challenges in a cross-border project: CoAction. Partners in the innovation cluster around Brunnshög, Ideon, and Medicon Village are participating, but also Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval from other parts of Lund. Starting out, more than 25 stakeholders are involved: major employers, property owners, authorities, energy providers, and Lund University. The project will be observed by both researchers and other cities and is, together with Stockholm, one of the pilots appointed by Vinnova.


The innovation cluster at Brunnshög is one of Sweden’s most densely populated work areas with a lot of traffic. In order for the area to grow and continue to be an attractive place for future employees and businesses, joint efforts are needed to reduce car usage and instead encourage more people to choose walking, cycling, and public transportation. To succeed, we need to collaborate and implement joint solutions, such as the introduction of energy communities, and create favourable conditions and promote the use of sustainable and energy-efficient transport. Lund and many cities alike around the world share the same challenges and for that reason it is imperative that we share solutions implemented here.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 and includes 17 global sustainable development goals (SDGs). The concept of sustainable development integrates three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

In CoAction Lund, we contribute to achieving the following global goals:

Goal 3: Good health and well-being. Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy. Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities. Goal 13: Climate action. Goal 17: Partnership for the goals.


Read more about the project on the Lund Municipality project page


Name: CoAction Lund

Objective: A climate-neutral Lund by 2030

Time Period: Start autumn 2023

Project Partners: Municipality of Lund, Axis Communications, Alfa Laval, Akademiska Hus, Camurus, Energy Opticon AB, LKP, Trivector Traffic, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Coride Sweden AB, Kraftringen, ViaEuropa, Wihlborgs Fastigheter, Blekingska nationen, EC2B Mobility AB, Skånetrafiken, Modity Energy Trading AB, ESS Inc., Lunds universitet, Future by Lund, Tetra Pak, Ideon Science Park, Trafikverket, RED GLEAD DISCOVERY, Medicon Village, LKF.

Funder: Vinnova


Nina Hvitlock

Innovation Leader, Mobility
+46 708 460 210