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Our offers

For the public sector in Skåne

We help you solve your challenges

We work with Skåne’s public sector in the areas of health, food, and mobility to improve services for residents of Skåne, create better tools and work processes for employees and organizations, and increase the ability to innovate and drive change within the organization. We have a long history of contributing to the creation and implementation of innovations – new and improved solutions for residents, employees, and society as a whole – in collaboration with Region Skåne, municipalities in Skåne, private companies, and academia. Our experience has shown that the best results are achieved when all parties are involved.

We offer:

✓ Support for development and innovation initiatives
Safe collaborations with relevant external partners
Market intelligence, incl. international forerunners, adopted solutions and technological trends
Assistance in acquiring financing for development and innovation initiatives
Tools to promote development and innovation
Support regarding procurement issues

How it works

As a subsidiary of Region Skåne, Innovation Skåne has a unique mission in improving the quality of life for people in Skåne and beyond – through the use of innovation. We have a history of developing and implementing new solutions to benefit residents, employees, and society in collaboration with Region Skåne, municipalities in Skåne, private companies, and academia. Our goal is to use innovation to address challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

Our expertise lies in the fields of health, food, and mobility, as well as an extensive experience in innovation and collaboration with public and private sector partners, academia, and other members of the innovation ecosystem.

We are innovation managers. Our main focus is using innovation to help the public sector overcome challenges. We are experienced in leading change and working with other organizations to achieve solutions. We believe that external collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential for success, and we strive to foster these relationships in all of our work.

In our work, we rely on our four core competences:

  • Innovation management: Our tool for leading innovation and development of welfare services of the future
  • Growth and business knowledge: Our team has extensive experience in both the public and private sector and is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities presented by factors such as regulations, organizational culture, and the market.
  • Test beds: We create test beds within the innovation areas we work in to test and adapt new solutions and methods based on – among others – technical, clinical, legal or organizational parameters.
  • Networking: We build and establish networks of all relevant stakeholders in a specific area, including startups, established businesses, public actors, academia, investors, and Skåne’s residents. Our extensive networks provide us with numerous opportunities for collaboration in larger projects and access to market intelligence research, allowing us to utilize what has already been developed and proven to be effective.

Read more about us and how we work here.

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Contact us and we’ll help you

If you’re looking for support and guidance in using innovation to address challenges in the public sector, we can help. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of health, food, and mobility, and we have a strong track record of working with other organizations to identify needs and develop solutions. Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

You don’t have to have all the answers – let’s define the problems and potential solutions together.

    Bevisa att du är människa genom att välja flygplan.


    Björn Lagnevik

    Innovation Manager, Process and system innovation
    +46 705 721 979

    Ideas from employees within Region Skåne

    When faced with challenges in their workplace, employees often contemplate potential solutions. We believe that the most impactful solutions, for both the present and the future, frequently originate from those directly experiencing the challenges in their day-to-day tasks. 

    Innovation that comes from the employees within Region Skåne yield positive effects within the organization, while also contributing to an enhanced quality of life for the region’s citizens. Innovation Skåne supports employees within Region Skåne in nurturing and developing their ideas for new products.


    Jonas Möller

    Innovation Manager, Health
    +46 723 636 990

    Apply for a formal rights letter

    If you wish to pursue your idea independently, you will need a letter granting you the right to the idea. Contact us via the form below and we will assist you in applying for such a letter. All approved applications are signed by the regional director.

      Bevisa att du är människa genom att välja flygplan.


      Eva-Marie Johansson

      Innovation Manager, Administration
      + 46 766 106 186
      For startups and businesses

      Join our industry networks

      We specialize in supporting startups that have international aspirations and a strong desire to succeed in the areas of health, food, and mobility. We focus on startups in Skåne, but we also collaborate with businesses from Skåne and other parts of Sweden and the world.

      Our goal is to use innovative solutions to improve quality of life in Skåne and beyond, and to work with established businesses, the public sector, investors, academia, and other members of the innovation system to achieve sustainable progress. We believe that everyone benefits when we work together, and that is why we prioritize collaboration in all of our efforts.

      We offer startups operating in the areas of healthtech, foodtech and mobility to join our industry networks, free of charge, in order to gain access to:

      ✓ Industry-specific business advice
      ✓ Business opportunities, incl. opportunities to meet potential customers
      ✓ Access to a large network, with physical and digital gatherings
      ✓ Industry-specific training, workshops and tools
      ✓ International visibility, e.g. at trade fairs and in marketing
      ✓ Support in acquiring financing
      ✓ Test beds to test products in their right context and environment
      ✓ Market intelligence, incl. international forerunners, adopted solutions and technological trends

      Are you an established business operating in the fields of health, food, or mobility, and looking to connect with innovative startups, expand your network, and stay up-to-date on industry developments? Join one of our industry networks for free and take advantage of the opportunity to share knowledge, establish collaborations, and access market intelligence.

      Choose your industry network


      Join the network

      The network is run by the Innovation Skåne lead project HealthTech Nordic.


      Join the network

      The network for sustainable and coherent mobility in Greater Copenhagen.


      Join the network

      The network is run by the Innovation Skåne lead project Foodtech Innovation Network.

      You can also reach out to one of us directly:

      Margareta Wallentén

      Innovation Manager
      +46 709 188 720

      Harry Håkansson

      Innovation Manager, Business Advisory
      +46 733 598 357

      Innovative product ideas ready for commercialization

      Innovation Skåne also supports the co-workers within Region Skåne to develop their ideas for new products. We verify the needs, investigate the market and in some cases, we develop prototypes and apply for patent. But we do not finalise, market or sell the products. Instead, we look for companies that want to take product ideas to the market.

      Here we list product ideas that are ready for final development. Please click on each heading for more information. Do you want to know more or bring a product to the market? Get in touch!

      Crutch with knee support

      The need

      For people who are unable to support one foot for a limited time, there are problems with getting up and down stairs on their own. This means that the otherwise healthy patient in many cases becomes dependent on help from others or one of the expensive aids available.


      We have developed a number of prototypes, all based on the classic crutch, either as a variant of it or a plug-in to it, which allows the user to relieve the foot through an integrated knee support. Design protection has been obtained for two priority prototypes.


      We are looking for a partner with experience from production and sales of products in the field of medical assistive technology.

      Oral cooling device for thirst relief

      The need

      After intensive care, a patient's experience of severe thirst is one of the most difficult memories of this type of hospitalization. Today, various forms of chilled or frozen water, with possible additives such as menthol or lemon, are used to relieve thirst in these patients. Disadvantages of this approach include intake of water in patients who should normally be kept mildly dehydrated and exposure to likely pharmacologically active substances in a physiologically unstable state.


      Based on the working hypothesis that "dry" cooling of areas in the oral cavity per se without the addition of water relieves thirst, and supported by published clinical studies, we have filed patents for a variety of devices based on this hypothesis. We have also, in collaboration with students at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center in Lund, developed and design-registered two such specific prototypes based on usability and cognitive aspects.


      We are looking for a partner with the capacity to develop this type of medical device towards a marketable new product, preferably with previous experience of collaboration with university hospitals for conducting clinical studies.

      Jörgen Gustafsson

      Innovation Manager, Business Advisory
      +46 730 242 459