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Annual Innovation Report

An idea does not become an innovation until it is implemented, put to use, and creates value. It is this value that we try to capture and measure in Innovation Skåne’s annual innovation report.

Innovation Skåne’s Innovation Report 2021

In 2021, Innovation Skåne focused on three overall key figures: Sustainable growth, impact in Region Skåne’s operations, and innovation capital.

Sustainable growth

During the year, Innovation Skåne has contributed to sustainable growth in the region by contributing to around 100 new jobs. This occurs through various forms of growth support for Scanian companies, for example through industry-specific business coaching, test beds, and/or support in finding financing or new potential customers.

Sustainable growth: Jobs in start-ups where Innovation Skåne has had a positive impact on growth (number of employees), according to the start-ups themselves.


Innovation Skåne helps the public sector in Skåne create better services for Skåne’s residents, create better methods and work processes for employees and the business, as well as increase the ability to innovate and increase the power of change in the organisation. The innovation projects that Innovation Skåne runs together with the businesses within Region Skåne are measured in impact, in the form of increased quality or reduced costs in the businesses. In 2021, this effect is estimated at SEK 20 million.

Value-creating effect in Region Skåne’s operations: Effect calculated on increased quality or reduced costs, above all in healthcare.

Innovation capital

We are constantly working to increase the power of innovation in Skåne and one way is by attracting innovation capital to the region. Innovation capital can be national capital in the form of calls from our authorities, for example Vinnova, or European capital via the EU programmes. In 2021, Innovation Skåne was involved in projects with a combined total budget of around SEK 400 million. Several of these projects run over a couple of, or three, years. Of this budget, SEK 91 million was invested in 2021, a result that shows the total innovation capital for the year. Of this capital, as much as SEK 71 million went to Skåne.

Innovation capital: Total scope of Innovation Skåne, with partners’, innovation projects during the year.