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The DIGIT-PRE value chain covers several areas – including health, mobility and food – where all partners involved in the project are leaders in their respective sectors. DIGIT-PRE supports the growth of innovative SMEs developing digital tools for prevention, forecasting and remote care – all to promote improved public health and active, healthy lifestyles in a post covid-19 world.

One main objective of the project is to coordinate a network to help companies reach the market faster – companies that might otherwise be reluctant to tackle the bureaucracy of EU programmes themselves. SMEs participating in DIGIT-PRE will be supported through an acceleration programme offering both cash and services.

– The project is a great opportunity for SMEs to test cross-sectoral work, and receive both financial and organisational support in the process. Our focus is to find digital solutions for prevention and prediction and thus work for improved public health, Malin Larsson said, Innovation Manager at Innovation Skåne and Project Manager for DIGIT-PRE.

The project in brief


Duration: 36 month, starting 1st of October 2022

Region Västerbotten (SE)
Cluster Sports & Technology (NL) 
Gérontopôle of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) 
Eurasante (FR) 
Turku Health (FI)  
HealthCluster Portugal (PO) 
Freshblood (RO) 
Syreon (HU) 

Goal: The purpose of DIGIT-PRE is to launch a sustainable EU value network that generates value through inter-linked activities while supporting companies (of healthcare and digital transformation) to be competitive and sustainable. We have a specific focus on consumer-facing digital solutions (starting at TRL6) for prevention, prediction and remote care in a post-COVID world.

Budget: €6,7m   

Companies with TLR 6 solutions can apply to the Accelerator programme in 2023.

The Interregional Innovation Investment (I3) Instrument is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and it represents an opportunity to support companies’ investments bringing innovation to the market at high technology readiness levels (TRL 6-9) and to reshape the EU interregional value chains. The I3 Instrument is an opportunity for the less developed/outermost/ transition EU regions to catch up with the more developed ones.


Malin Larsson

Innovation Manager
+46 702 107 858