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AI in Skåne

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AI in Skåne

AI in Skåne aims to identify and prioritize the common needs of local stakeholders regarding AI – to undertake significant initiatives that enhance the region’s competitiveness.

AI in Skåne aims to identify and prioritize the common needs of local stakeholders regarding AI to undertake significant initiatives that enhance the region’s competitiveness.

In the AI in Skåne project, we leverage the shared resources and initiatives of AI Sweden, which we access as the host organization for AI Sweden’s Southern Node, to accelerate AI adoption among organizations in Skåne.

During 2022–2024, we are working towards the following goals in line with Region Skåne’s AI strategy:

  1. Increased Awareness of AI Opportunities
    Many companies and municipalities in Skåne need to recognize the potential benefits of implementing AI in their operations. Through seminars, workshops, lectures, and events, we strive to spark interest in organizations that have not yet embarked on their AI journey.
  2. Increased AI Adoption
    We aim to boost AI usage to improve processes, products, and services by providing support, advice, and access to training that will help companies and municipalities begin using AI.
  3. Enhanced Access to AI Expertise
    AI competence is essential for applying AI. We work to strengthen the talent supply among Skåne’s stakeholders through increased collaboration and exchange. For example, Scanian organizations will be active in recruitment and talent development programs within AI Sweden’s talent program.
  4. Increased Access to AI Labs
    To increase AI adoption, organizations need to experiment with AI prototypes in various parts of their operations. To facilitate this, we work to ensure that regional stakeholders are aware of the AI labs being developed within AI Sweden. Labs shared by organizations nationally and regionally can lower barriers and enhance collaboration, leading to more organizations experimenting and building prototypes with AI.
  5. Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation Partnerships in AI and Digitalization
    Regional projects and stakeholders in digitalization and AI will come together in shared creative environments for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the development of innovation partnerships between the private and public sectors. This will be achieved through regional projects, events, and seminars.
  6. More National Assignments for Stakeholders in Skåne
    We aim for Skåne to become leading in AI, with more regional initiatives taking on national roles within their specialized areas. Through increased collaboration with AI Sweden, Scanian organizations will have the opportunity to assume national responsibility within specific operational areas, boosting Skåne’s attractiveness and competitiveness.


Within the framework of AI in Skåne, we have established a steering group composed of representatives from municipalities, the region, industry, and academia. The steering group will identify and prioritize the common AI needs of Skåne’s stakeholders.


Name: AI in Skåne

Objective: Identify and prioritize the collective needs of local stakeholders regarding AI – to undertake significant initiatives that enhance the region’s competitiveness.

Project period: October 2022 – August 2024

Project partners: Innovation Skåne, Axis, Sentian AI, Region Skåne, Malmö stad, Helsingborgs stad, Lunds kommun, Lunds University, and Malmö University.

Funder: Region Skåne


Carl Malm

Innovation Manager, AI
+46 734 163 895