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Kickstart AI

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Kickstart AI

Kickstart AI aims to increase the AI maturity among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Skåne, thereby boosting their market competitiveness.

By integrating AI into their operations, companies can improve efficiency, drive innovation, and create new business opportunities. Kickstart AI is designed to help Skåne-based SMEs leverage the digital transformation, understand the benefits of applying AI in their operations, and embark on their AI journey.


During the fall of 2024, 1000 SMEs in Skåne will participate in a course about the foundations of AI. The course covers essential concepts, technologies, and applications of AI across various industries. The initiative aims to provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be integrated to create business value. Participants will explore questions such as:

  • Why should I care about AI?
  • Which AI tools are suitable for my business?
  • What examples and use cases exist in my industry?
  • How can I increase my competitiveness with AI?
  • Which AI tools can enhance my marketing efforts?
  • How can I become an effective purchaser of AI services?
  • How can I generate real business value with ChatGPT?

After the training, participants will have the opportunity to conduct a digital assessment to evaluate their current level of AI maturity. The assessment helps identify strengths and weaknesses, providing a clear picture of areas that need improvement. The outcome will be a hands-on plan for implementing AI-driven services tailored to each company’s unique conditions.

Further opportunities for in-depth exploration, experimentation, and implementation support will be offered to 100 companies. This will take place in workshops with advisors and experts.


Companies are encouraged to apply for digitalization grants from Region Skåne to finance the implementation of AI solutions. They will also have the chance to collaborate with AI consultants from Skåne, who can offer customized advice and technical support throughout the implementation process.


Name: Kickstart AI

Objective: To increase the AI maturity among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Skåne, thereby boosting their market competitiveness.

Time period: June 2024 – June 2025

Project partners: Innovation Skåne, Region Skåne, IUC Syd, Almi Skåne, Packbridge, and Mobile Heights

Funder: Region Skåne


Carl Malm

Innovation Manager, AI
+46 734 163 895